Thursday, June 30, 2011

V 609 Falco

V 609 Falco, fast motor boat, Guardia di Finanza, LivornoThe “Falco” (Hawk), of the “Guardia di Finanza”, is a 10 meter fast motor boat with a top speed of 54 knots and bullet-proof glasses.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Molotov Cocktails

Lancia la tua lotta (Throw your struggle) stencil, LivornoA stenciled “Lancia la tua lotta” (Throw your struggle).Original Peristeri Club R 21, sometimes antisocial always antiracist, LivornoThe guys on this sticker aren't handling beers bottles...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mona Lisa

Portable toilet with Mona Lisa, LivornoAn artistic portable toilet on a construction site. We already saw one of these in one of our first posts.Window with flowers, LivornoA window with flowers near “Piazza Attias”.Airplane towing banner, LivornoAn airplane towing a banner, flying above “Piazza della Vittoria”.Portico of the Goldoni Theater, LivornoThe shady portico of the “Teatro Goldoni”.Railing of the Fosso Reale, LivornoAlready posted some times, a piece of railing of the “Fosso Reale”

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Time of “Sagre”

Sagra del ranocchio, Cascine di ButiIf you have always considered “frog eaters” a derogatory term for our transalpine cousins, you can now include in that bunch many of our countrymen. By the way “ranocchio” is frog.
“Sagra” is something that could be translated in English as festival or fair, usually linked to some local food in a small town or village, with music and dance usually going along with the eating.Sagra del raviolo, Vicopisano“Raviolo” is the singular of ravioli, a famous type of filled pasta.Stringozzo alla cinta, Buti“Stringozzo”, the singular of “Stringozzi”, is a kind of handmade pasta produced in Umbria. “Cinta” is a quite rare breed of pig, typical of Siena, which owes its name to a white sash (“cinta” in Tuscan) on its black coat.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cico Cico on the Trees

Cico cico on the trees, piazza Mazzini, Livotno“Cico cico on the trees”, “cico” is a short for “cicogna” (stork), is an installation recently placed in “Piazza Mazzini”.Cico cico on the trees, piazza Mazzini, LivotnoThree large nests, perched in the branches of the plane trees, are occupied by a strange breed of... “hairdryer” storks.Cico cico on the trees, piazza Mazzini, LivotnoThe nests are by Valerio Michelucci, the storks by Stefano Pilato.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bunting in the Wind

Borgo Cappuccini, bunting, LivornoThe rowing team of “Borgo Cappuccini” broke the monopoly of the strong “Venezia”, winning the “Coppa Barontini” last Saturday.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Everything Is Relative

Dynasty, Annaeva, Bistango, Octopus, superyacht, LivornoI Dynasty” (59m), “Annaeva” (56m) and “Bistango” (62m) almost dwarfed by the 126 meter “Octopus” in background.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

High Tech

Low-cost lamp post, LivornoYou have already learned that our temporary low-cost lamp posts are not so temporary, but they are showing now some unexpected and revolutionary engineering achievements.Low-cost lamp post, LivornoTheir posts are now fixed to the parapet with this cutting (w)edge technology.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Double Reflection

Mural, angel, half-buried head, LivornoUn unfinished mural on the back of “Santa Maria del Soccorso”.Reflections on a window with grate, LivornoWindow with a grid and a reflection in “Piazza XX Settembre”.Monotony T-shirt, LivornoWe had a “Livornopoli” lately, now is the turn of “Monotony”.Boat under a tree, Fosso Reale, LivornoA boat under a tree, in the “Fosso Reale”.Building reflected in a mirror, LivornoA building in “Via Micali” reflected in a traffic mirror.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kiss the Police

Μπατσοι γουρουνια δολοφονοι, mpatsoi gourounia dolofonoi, cops pigs murderers, Livorno“Μπατσοι γουρουνια δολοφονοι” means “Cops pigs murderers” in Greek. It seems that “Original 21” or “R21”, the largest AEK Athens supporters club, maintains relations with fans of Livorno and Marseille. We have already seen about the cryptic “1312”.Baise la police, kiss the police, LivornoA further trace of this alliance could be this graffiti found in “Via Serristori”: “Baise la police” would be “Kiss the police” in French, but the real meaning is “Fuck the police”.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Falling to Pieces

Dutch Church, scali degli Olandesi, LivornoScaffolded and cordoned off our “Chiesa degli Olandesi” is literally falling to pieces.Dutch Church, scali degli Olandesi, LivornoThe three spires were demolished long time ago for safety reasons, but now is the turn of their bases at losing pieces of cladding.Dutch Church, scali degli Olandesi, LivornoLast week a block crashed through the planks of the scaffolding, hitting the sidewalk in front of the church. The authorities quick remedy was an outer line of barriers to cordon off the already cordoned off.

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Facebook Group: “Salviamo la chiesa degli Olandesi a Livorno” (Save the Dutch church in Livorno)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Music on the Stairs

Bobo Rondelli and Spazio Zero, Town Hall staircase, LivornoSome local musicians are holding an impromptu cancert on the staircase of our Town Hall to protest against the closure of some premises they had in use from the Municipality.Bobo Rondelli and Spazio Zero, Town Hall staircase, LivornoThe cause of “Spazio Zero” (Zero Space) and of a few other cultural associations is championed by Bobo Rondelli, a well-known local singer, who sang some of his songs on the unusual stage.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Service Boats

PS 656 Azimut 34, Polizia di Stato, LivornoThe new Azimut 35 motorboat of the “Polizia di Stato”.Rescue boats, LivornoTwo rescue boats ready to patrol the waters of the races.Boat deploying regatta buoys, LivornoAnother service boat towing buoys to be deployed for the races.
(Photos taken on April 16 at the 28th TAN)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mascagni Museum

Mascagni Museum, LivornoThe Mascagni Museum of the Municipality of Livorno.Mascagni Museum, LivornoThe notice says that the museum is closed until the preparation of a new exhibition route. Someone scribbled on the bottom: “It has been closed for years!”Mascagni Museum, LivornoThe overall appearance of the place is not very good anyway...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Friends Near and Far

The world according to kids, De Amicis elementary school, LivornoI spent this weekend at a polling station in my old elementary school, where I had plenty of time to explore the works of the kids exposed on the walls. This Eurasia is part of a map of the world called “Amici vicini e lontani” (Friends Near and Far).
The world according to kids, De Amicis elementary school, Livorno

The world according to kids, De Amicis elementary school, Livorno
North America

The world according to kids, De Amicis elementary school, Livorno
South America

The world according to kids, De Amicis elementary school, Livorno

The world according to kids, De Amicis elementary school, Livorno

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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bewitched Apple

La Mela Stregata, The Bewitched Apple, via Magenta, Livorno
“La Mela Stregata” (The Bewitched Apple), Via Magenta

Bar nuvola, Cloud Bar, via Magenta, Livorno
“Bar Nuvola” (Cloud Bar), Via Magenta

L'oca golosa”, The Goose with a Sweet Tooth, Via Ernesto Rossi, Livorno
“L'oca golosa” (The Goose with a Sweet Tooth), Via Ernesto Rossi

Sunday, June 12, 2011

American Gazetteer

Gazzettiere Americano, Mario Coltellini printer, Livorno“The American gazetteer” by Jedidiah Morse was first published in 1797, a few years after Joseph Scott's “Gazetteer of the United States” (1795).
In Livorno we had our first “Gazzettiere americano” in 1763, when Marco Coltellini printed a translation of “The American Gazetteer”, a British version published in London the year before.
Gazzettiere Americano, Mario Coltellini printer, LivornoA page from the Italian edition

American Gazetteer, published in London in 1862The same page of the original version

See also: “Encyclopédie” - Marco Coltellini (Wikipedia)

The American gazetteer
(S. Hall, and Thomas & Andrews, 1797 in Boston)
Il Gazzettiere americano
(Marco Coltellini, 1763 in Livorno)
The American Gazetteer
(A. Millar, and J. & R. Tonson, 1762 in London)