Friday, August 17, 2012

My Name Is 5074

5074 street art, poster, Modigliani, Livorno
“Noi abbiamo dei diritti diversi dagli altri
perché abbiamo dei bisogni diversi
che ci mettono al di sopra
della loro morale”
(We have different rights from the others
because we have different needs
that put ourselves above
their moral standards)

Fifty Seventy-Four, a “street artist” who uses a numeric alias, is advertising himself with posters of an unaware Modigliani. Perhaps Amedeo should sue, but obviously can't and probably wouldn't.

External links: 5074 (official space) - 5074 (In Italian)


Luis Gomez said...

I like the poster.

Jack said...

Yes, these days Modigliani would find it very hard to sue. Or to do anything else.

Randy said...

I love this poster.

Taken For Granted said...

5074 seems clever at marketing himself. The poster isn't bad. He should be able to dedicate it to Modigliani.

James Wei said...

A little wonder why he was on the poster. Like a mug shot in police detention centre.

Artistic poster though

cieldequimper said...

Lol @ Jack. Strange find.

Stefan Jansson said...

You should never sue a street artist. I kinda like this one.

Birdman said...

Ok, let me read this again... ah, I'm still a bit confused.

Halcyon said...

I like the poster and the statement behind it. Nice!

JM said...

I've checked the Fb page. Very cool!

Rizalenio said...

Very interesting poster. It will pass for the series NUMBERS.

Happy weekend.

Gunn said...

I thought he was an old and famous football player, like small cards some collected 40 years back.

5074 is creative and quite unique.