Sunday, July 18, 2010


Y421 Porto Empedocle, Italian Navy tugboat, LivornoA couple of archive shots of a tugboat, unusually in grey.Y421 Porto Empedocle, Italian Navy tugboat, LivornoOur “civilian” tugboats usually come in black and white, but this is the “Porto Empedocle” of the Navy.

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Jacob said...

Grey is the color of navies around the world. I suppose it's because ships are harder to see in that color...but I dunno.

I like the fact you were able to capture people on the tugs...that gives a sense of scale and these are actually quite large boats.

Nice shots, whatever!

Luis Gomez said...

Love tugboats. This one is really cool!

Dina said...

It looks so stretched out.
Nice the officer on deck in fancy uniform.

Small City Scenes said...

An awesome looking tug. very sleek. MB

Kaori said...

I didn't realize it was so big until I noticed the people standing on the boat! Greeat shots :D

JM said...

Really nice boat! It looks brand new.