Saturday, July 27, 2013

1800-Euro Sign

No entry sign with a guy carrying a huge beam, Clet Abraham, Livorno
After removing the traffic signs modified at the time by Clet Abraham, the municipality of Livorno sold a first lot of them on eBay. These are the final prices, after the auctions ended:

Cartello stradale Rif N.40660 Euro
Cartello stradale Rif N.43725 Euro
Cartello stradale Rif N.46313 Euro
Cartello stradale Rif N.581805 Euro

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External links: Clet Abraham (Wikipedia, in French) - The language of the street signs by Clet Abraham (Abitare)


Gunn said...

I remember the signs.
They are unique, arty and also funny!

Dina said...

The municipality must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Jack said...

I think Clete Abraham is clever and has a good sense of humor. Maybe selling street signs on eBay is the way for Livorno to solve its financial problems.

Randy said...

I love it. Wish I could find some here.

Karl Demetz said...

I would not have sold these traffic signs.
I would have put them into the municipal museum.

JM said...

This is my favourite, but they all are really cool.

Luis Gomez said...

Love this VP.

Stefan Jansson said...

They sure are cool, I hope he will do more some day.

Traveling Hawk said...

I agree with Karl.