Friday, June 28, 2013

Servants of the Powerful

Solo servi del potente non della povera gente by 5074, via Guido Cantini, Livorno
“Solo servi del potente!
non della povera gente!”
(Only servants of the powerful!
not of the poor people!)
A weird poster where cohorts of practically-blinded AK-47-toting militians serve a faceless gangster-like figure, assisted by close air support: Sacha Baron Cohen comes quicker to mind than George Orwell. The inane banality of the couplet below is astonishing ad its rendition in fake-Cyrillic simply appalling.

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Jack said...

Let me guess. The artist doesn't like authority.

Michelle said...


Randy said...

Awesome graphic poster.

cieldequimper said...

So let's all become real communists. That way, North Korea won't feel so isolated.

Dina said...

This poster is not something I'd like to pass by several times a day while walking.