Sunday, June 2, 2013

Parco delle Terme

Parco delle Terme, via Foscolo, Livorno
The opening ceremony for this nice park will take place this afternoon, but I was able to have a private preview last week, while our blog was still in its Pisan exile.
Parco delle Terme, via Foscolo, Livorno
The “Parco delle Terme” takes its name from the “Terme del Corallo” also known as “Le Acque della Salute” (The Waters of Health), the now derelict thermal baths which were so fashionable in the early 1900's.
Parco delle Terme, via Foscolo, Livorno
I am glad to see that the new playgrounds keep conforming to a more traditional style than the flamboyant one installed a few years ago in Villa Fabbricotti.

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Jack said...

Hey! Congratulations on Livorno's new park. The scene in the first photo is lovely.

Randy said...

Love those trees.

Gunn said...

Looks like a nice place to be.
The second picture shows some amazing trees, that I don`t think I have seen before.

Dina said...

Parks are a lot in the news this weekend.
Mazal tov on your new and pretty one.

How did the trees all get that strange shape? Were they "trained" to grow like that over the years?
I'm surprised you didn't shoo the pigeons away for the playground photo. :)

VP said...

Gunn - It seems that these are basswood trees, tigli in Italian.
Dina - This patch of land was completely abandoned for almost fifty years. I am not an expert, but I guess the trees went up because they were too close and nobody pruned them.
About the pigeons, I would have gladly shoo... ted them away without any remorse, but it is not allowed.

cieldequimper said...

What a wonderful place! The trees are amazing, I hope they will stay like they have grown!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I much prefer the traditional tupe of playground too VP, I think kids know what they're all about! I too was impressed by the shape of the trees, most unusual.

JM said...

Love the trees in the second shot!

Cezar and Léia said...

I love those trees, and the playground is adorable!

Dina said...

The tigli look sort of like tall menorahs.