Monday, September 11, 2017

A Sad Day

Terrazza Mascagni, Viale Italia, Livorno
It is sad to be abroad on vacation and suddenly hear of the catastrophe that just happened in our hometown.
Let's hope for the better... (Already posted on Instagram)
É triste essere all'estero in vacanza ed all'improvviso venire a sapere della catastrofe che ha colpito la nostra città.
Speriamo per il meglio... (Già pubblicato su Instagram)

External links:
- Italy flooding kills six people in Livorno (BBC)
- Livorno flood aerial photos reveal devastation caused in Tuscan port where six people have died (The Sun)
- Heavy rains, floods hit Italy; at least 6 dead in Tuscany (Washington Post)
- At least six people killed as torrential rain causes flooding in Italy (ITV)


Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

The photo - dazzling and disconcerting.
The news - so sorry. So much going wrong.
Hope you find your homes and your friends are dry and safe when you return.

Rob Siemann said...

It's a very sad time, but I'm very happy to find you two safe!!!

Dina said...

Ciel and Rob and I were worried about you, VP. Thanks for reporting in that you are OK.
We are sorry for Livorno though.
What a strange period of disasters the world is going through.

William Kendall said...

I hadn't heard the news.

roth phallyka said...

so sorry. So much going wrong.