Sunday, June 5, 2016

Giovanni Fattori

Model of the statue of Giovanni Fattori by Valmore Gemignani, Palazzo Pitti, Florence
If you happen to visit the Gallery of Modern Art at Palazzo Pitti, in Florence, you can see in a room corner the small bronze model of the “Ritratto di Giovanni Fattori” (Portrait of Giovanni Fattori) by Valmore Gemignani, actually in a small square off Piazza della Repubblica.

See also: Portrait of Giovanni Fattori - Fattori in Florence - Piazza della Repubblica.
External links: Gallery of Modern Art - Palazzo Pitti (Wikipedia)


William Kendall said...

I'm oddly reminded of an ancestor of mine!

Dina said...

A few days ago TV showed an old movie in which Anthony Quinn plays the mayor of a small Italian town that hides their wine from the German army. This statue looks like the brave mayor.