Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Giorgio Cini

Training ship Giorgio Cini, IMO 7013824, Guardia di Finanza, port of Livorno
The 54-meter “Giorgio Cini” was built for the Cini Foundation in 1970 and it was donated to the Guardia di Finanza in 1984, to be used as a training ship. With a crew of 30 she can take on board up to 60 “Finanzieri di mare” (Marine Customs officers) for a training cruise.

External links: Cini Foundation - Guardia di Finanza (Wikipedia)
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William Kendall said...

She's an impressive ship!

Randy said...

Nice shot.

Dina said...

So 90 people on board. Does it get crowded, I wonder.

Luis Gomez said...


Rob the frog said...

Nice training room!