Friday, May 13, 2011

John the Baptist

John the Baptist, mosaic, via Tre Novembre, Livorno“Via San Giovanni” was for a long time the “via Maestra” (main road) through the old village of Livorno, well before the Medicis began to plan their ideal city. Even on a nearby post-war building we can find a mosaic portraying the Baptist in his iconic pose.John the Baptist, via San Giovanni, LivornoThe side entrance of the church of “San Giovanni Battista”, built in the 17th century, with another image of the Baptist. Here there was once the main entrance of a much older (1256) church which gave the name at the street itself.John the Baptist, via Carraia angolo via San Giovanni, LivornoOpposite the church actual main entrance facing “Via Carraia”, in a niche on the corner with “Via San Giovanni”, we can see another statue of the Baptist in an almost comic variation on the traditional pose.

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Kaori said...

I had no idea John the Baptist was so hot. I need to read the bible more.

Dina said...

Three such different portrayals of the man! And yes, the last one got me laughing hard.

JM said...

The one at the bottom is my favourite.